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United Community Solutions is a behavioral health agency motivated to bring change to communities. At United Community Solutions, we provide quality care to individuals by identifying their goals, environmental factors, and strengths to promote overall wellness. We set individualized goals that are set at the beginning and throughout treatment. We motivate individuals beyond limitations. UCS actively collaborates with outside organizations to create wrap-around services for individuals and families.


Quantitative Method

We employ tools and techniques related to various psychological methods for analyzing the patient’s condition. The data-driven approach eliminates the risk of wrong medication and thus aids rapid recovery.

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Highly Principled

We have our set of boundaries and limits designed specifically under the influence of ethics, values, norms, and society. Our patients can take therapeutic coaching and talk to us freely without having the fear of privacy breaches.
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Educational Approach

We employ tools and techniques related to various psychological methods for analyzing the patient’s condition. The data-driven approach eliminates the risk of wrong medication and thus aids rapid recovery.

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The Tailored Care Model ( TTCM )

United Community Solutions uses the tailored care model for mental health services because it prioritizes individualized and comprehensive care, ensuring

Intensive In-Home Services

Specifically designed for youth to combat toxicity and find a cheerful home environment.

Individual/Family Therapy

These are individual psychotherapy sessions crafted to build relationships among the members of a family

Parenting Classes

To strengthen the bond between the child and parents that makes the rearing journey pleasing.

Mental Health Skill-Building

A goal-directed training support program to help individuals deal with the toughest environments.

Anger management

This therapy is designed to identify the triggers for anger and devise methods to manage it effectively.

Therapeutic Mentoring

Designed for youth under the age of 21 to address their daily life issues and devise methods to solve them.

Mental Health (MH-IOP)

MH-IOP focuses on maintaining and improving functional abilities through an interdisciplinary approach to treatment.

Assertive Community Treatment(ACT)

To combat severe mental health issues with the help of a team of experts capable of delivering multiple solutions.

Crisis Stabilization

Designed to intervene immediately and prevent the patient from getting hospitalized while providing coping strategies.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Highly structured clinical programs designed to provide a combination of interventions through an interdisciplinary approach.

Medication Management

Medication management is a comprehensive approach that customizes treatment to individual needs, reducing symptoms and improving emotional well-being.

Perks of Maintaining Mental Health

The maintenance of our overall well-being and ability to adapt to adversity is contingent upon the provision of mental health interventions. It facilitates the navigation of life’s challenges, fosters positive interpersonal connections, and contributes to effective stress management.

The implementation of efficient strategies for the management of mental health serves as a preventive measure against the occurrence of mental disorders while simultaneously enhancing physical well-being, productivity, and overall quality of life.

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Successful Discharge
Through our compassionate approach, the majority of our clients have been able to find optimum solutions
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Client Satisfactory
Through our end-to-end therapy services, our clients have been able to resolve their matters thoroughly.
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Counseling Satisfactory
Through our data-driven approach, counseling sessions have turned out to be pragmatic and useful.

92% Reduction of out of out-of-home placement

We assisted our clients in building a happy and healthy relationship with their family members and reduced out-of-home placement.