In Case of Any Mental Health Crisis
 Therapeutic Mentoring

Therapeutic Mentoring


Constructing A Pathway To A Healthier Future

Therapeutic mentoring is a special therapy session tailored for children, adolescents, and young adults. It is designed particularly to achieve a specific goal rather than dealing with overall mental well-being. A therapeutic life coach or mentor provides one-to-one counseling sessions to his patient or mentee. To resolve mental health issues like anger, trauma, anxiety, or any other disorder, various coping mechanisms are taught during therapeutic coaching


Providing Personalized Support For Mitigating Challenges

Personalized support is crucial during times of crisis when an individual is not capable of finding the solution alone. Therapeutic counseling lets the mentor and mentee build a relationship, know each other’s background, and craft solutions tailored to their specific needs. 

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Mentoring In The Light Of Ethics

Our therapeutic life coaches at United Community Solutions are industry experts and have worked for various social welfare schemes. We understand the significance of your mental well-being. Join our family and find your healing.


1. What is the difference between conventional coaching and therapeutic mentoring?

Conventional counseling methods are generic and inclusive. They cover the overall mental well-being of a person that skills in professional development. However, for mitigating particular issues therapeutic mentoring is recommended. It is designed to treat specific emotional and behavioral issues.

2. Who can benefit from therapeutic mentoring?

This therapy is dedicated to children, adolescents, and young adults confused enough to comprehend their mental health issues. The mentors help the mentees to reflect upon the behavioral changes that they may witness in their daily life routine and advise steps to overcome those challenges.

3. How does the process of therapeutic mentoring work?

Therapeutic mentors conduct one-on-one therapy sessions, which are followed by relationship-building procedures. You can discuss all the issues that you might not be able to solve or even understand. Your mentor will assist you in identifying your stimuli and provide you with solutions, support, and guidance to combat them.

4. Can I rely on my mentor to keep my secrets?

Your information is protected by confidentiality regulations and other privacy-related acts. Without your permission, no information can be shared, and full secrecy will be maintained. However, in situations where legal or ethical obligations arise, they may have to compromise a bit; nevertheless, there is a procedure for that too. So yes, you can rely on your mentor.