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 Partial Hospitalization Programs

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Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) are a type of mental health intervention that offers concentrated, brief-term assistance to those who necessitate organized assistance and therapy, yet do not necessitate continuous inpatient care. Partial Hospitalization Programs are commonly tailored to cater to the needs of persons who are grappling with mental health disorders, substance misuse problems, or a co-occurrence of both conditions.


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Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment helps to bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient care. This therapy is essential for those who need intensive and delicate treatment, but not necessarily required to be under observation for 24 hours. Therapy is structured in such a way that the recovery is attainable in the short term period.

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Delivering Cost Effective Structured Programs

United Community Solutions has a team of highly skilled specialists who possess specialized expertise in the development of customized treatment plans that are meticulously adjusted to meet the unique requirements of each patient. Our primary emphasis is on the development of skills to enable patients to acquire coping methods and effectively identify solutions during times of crisis.


1. Who should seek Partial Hospitalization Programs?

Partial Hospitalization Programs are specifically tailored to cater to patients who necessitate a higher level of treatment than what is often provided through conventional outpatient care but do not require continuous inpatient hospitalization. Typical candidates encompass individuals who exhibit acute mental health issues or substance use disorders.

2. What services are typically offered in PHPs?

PHPs frequently offer a comprehensive array of treatments encompassing individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication management, psychoeducation, relapse prevention, and life skills training.

3. How is medication management handled in a PHP?

Psychiatric hospitals commonly employ healthcare professionals who oversee and regulate drug administration, aiming to guarantee that individuals receive suitable therapeutic interventions for their mental health or substance use disorders.

4. Can participants work or attend school while in a PHP?

PHPs are designed with a focus on flexibility, enabling individuals to effectively manage their daily obligations. However, the level of job or educational engagement that can be accommodated may vary based on individual circumstances and the specific objectives of the program.

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