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 Intensive In-Home Services

We Strengthen Family Ties And Rebuild Homes

Intensive in-home services are customized to people between 5 and 21, providing evidence-based methods to address the factors that make children vulnerable and raise the chance of their removal from their households. Our team evaluates the holistic environment to improve residential settings for at-risk youngsters. We want to inspire and motivate children and families in their current stages to reach their goals.


Mental Health Preservation And Crisis Management At Home

This therapeutic intervention aims to facilitate young individuals in cultivating a harmonious and serene atmosphere, fostering a robust connection with their family members.

Do Not Delay The Healing Process

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Rejuvenating Relationships At Home

Intensive in-home therapy (IIHS) will help you combat the mental health issues associated with the home immediately and effectively. Sometimes it is also called Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS). 


1. Can we rely on intensive in-home therapy?

Experienced therapists provide intensive in-home therapy inside the confines of your home. Therefore, the stigma associated with mental health care is diminished. In the home environment, one can navigate contentious matters with greater clarity.

2. What are the chances of intensive in-home therapy success?

The assessment of intensive home-based therapy (IIHT) effectiveness is commonly conducted through continuous review and development monitoring. Therapists establish distinct therapy objectives in collaboration with clients and their families, thereafter monitoring the advancement made in attaining these objectives. Regular feedback and communication with clients are essential in assessing the efficacy of programs.

3. How many sessions of therapy are necessary?

The IIHT sessions are relatively longer in duration and frequent in operation. The mental health traumas generated at home require delicate monitoring. Therefore, your therapeutic life coach may visit you several times a week.

4. How to book a specific therapist at United Community Solutions

Psychological sessions are characterized by a great degree of subjectivity and sensitivity. Frequently, patients develop a strong attachment or sense of comfort towards a specific therapist. Consequently, we strive to make arrangements that cater to the preferred mentor, while also ensuring that their availability is taken into consideration. Contact us now to book your appointment.