Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Services (MH-IOP)

Admission Criteria

Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Services (MH-IOP)

Services are appropriate when an individual requires at least six hours of clinical services a week (for youth ages 6-17), or nine hours of clinical services as week (for adults 18 years and older) over several days a week and totaling a maximum of 19 hours per week.

Program Description

A highly structured clinical program designed to provide a combination of interventions that are less intensive than Partial Hospitalization Programs, though more intensive than traditional outpatient psychiatric services. MH- IOP is focused and a time-limited treatment program that integrate evidence- based practices. MH-IOP can serve as a transition program, such as a step-down option following treatment in a Partial Hospitalization Program. MH-IOP focuses on maintaining and improving functional abilities through an interdisciplinary approach to treatment. This approach is based on a comprehensive, coordinated and individualized service plan that involves the use of multiple, concurrent interventions and treatment modalities.

Critical Features & Service Components:

MH-IOP is an active treatment program of services that includes an individualized treatment plan describing the coordination of those services and how they will address the individual’s goals. MH-IOP services include structured schedules for participants. Treatment goals should be measurable, person-centered, recovery oriented, trauma-informed, time- limited, developmentally appropriate, medically necessary, and directly related to the reason(s) for admission.