United Community Solutions

United Community Solutions is a behavioral health agency motivated to bring change to communities. At United Community Solutions, we provide quality care to individuals by identifying their goals, environmental factors, and strengths to promote overall wellness. We set individualized goals that are set at the beginning and throughout treatment. We motivate individuals beyond limitations. UCS actively collaborates with outside organizations to create wrap-around services for individuals and families.

Mission Statement

Our mission at United Community Solutions, LLC is to establish a trusting relationship with individuals and families. We will assure individuals to get proper treatment and community connections to prevent out of the home placement. United Community Solutions, LLC will work with all relevant providers to establish a core foundation in the family unit. The quality and outcome of care is our top priority. .

Program Goals

United Community Solutions will focus on treatment using the Person Centeredness model. We will only request hours based on the treatment needs. United Community Solutions, LLC will focus on quantitative approaches to make necessary changes as an agency for the betterment of the population we serve. Services are not to be over-utilized and proper referrals will be made.